Fiberglass Sculptures Enrich Your Interior Decoration

Until now, any decoration techniques we have shared with you include fiberglass sculpture, which is one of the most wonderful decoration items. FRP is a modern art medium for producing sculptures or three-dimensional artworks. FRP objects are very fascinating, intended to make sculptural or decorative statements.

The FRP art industry has been dominated by FRP blowers for a period of time, but the emerging FRP sculpture company has accepted the challenge and elevated it to an extraordinary art form. In Kolkata, a company called Connected Arts manufactures some of the finest optical lead crystals and dichroic glass fiber reinforced plastics that have been carefully cut and polished. Each sculpture has more than one hundred cuts, and it shines naturally like a large diamond. The beauty and complexity of glass sculpture make it one of the most stringent sculptures in connection art.

The founder, Mr. Bibo Singonia, is the creator of all his glass and steel sculptures. As one of his favorite art forms, Mr. Sinhania’s view of FRP sculpture is: “Although it may be incredibly broken, it is surprisingly behaving like a solid. You can see it everywhere in your home. Find fiber optics anywhere – fiber optic mirrors, fiber optic vessels, and much other equipment. So why not sculpt it!

FRP is one of the most widely used man-made materials in the world. The useful properties of this popular material make us have to worship it and place it in our houses. The main characteristics of people using glass fiber reinforced plastic sculptures are-transparent, cheap to manufacture, easy to shape when melting, with a certain degree of heat resistance, chemical inertness (the glass fiber reinforced plastic jar will not react to what you put inside), and can Repeated use many times.

Modern glass and steel artists have added a variety of new technologies and skills and can produce exquisite glass and steel artworks according to the growing needs of customers. Artists connected with art using multiple techniques such as sandblasting, cutting, grinding, polishing, and engraving to create unique artworks. Special glue can also be used for cold processing to bond glass and fiber-reinforced plastic sheets together. These techniques are very important for FRP artistic restoration and restoration.

If you want to witness the glass and steel sculpture gallery that connects art Kolkata at any time

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