Fengshui is a profound art with a long history of the Chinese nation, with a history of more than 3000 years. The principle of Feng Shui emphasizes the positive flow of energy, thereby creating a harmonious environment and subconsciously influencing people. In the retail industry, a good Feng Shui design can not only improve the atmosphere of the retail store but also effectively promote sales. The following points will explain how to use the energy of the “qi” flow to attract customers into your store and stimulate consumption.

Storefront entrance design

Feng Shui design starts from the exterior of the retail store. Please take a closer look at the front door, shop window, neighboring stores, and the surrounding environment of your store. An excellent retail store incorporating Feng Shui design has a strong sense of presence, such as attractive windows and well-lit entrances. Ask yourself, would you like to walk into this store? If so, which part of the store attracts you more? Another method is to take photos from different angles of the storefront door, and then compare them to find bad Feng Shui marks. For example, the front door of the store cannot be aligned with the back door, the mirror cannot face the entrance, the light cannot be fluorescent, etc. In order to avoid the front door of the store facing the back door, it is necessary to arrange the display in the store to block the straight line from door to door. This is a very important step to avoid energy loss.

” Jimmy Choo Store by Christian Lahoude Studio, Xian – China “

Jimmy Choo’s store in Xi’an is an example of integrating Feng Shui into the design of the main entrance. The front door of the store does not face the back door, attractive window, and suitable lighting. In addition, the store design uses a curved glass wall structure and extends to the main entrance, which also allows energy to flow into the store smoothly.


The most special thing about Feng Shui is that it can influence customers’ attention and the range of their attention by creating energy flow paths. When walking into the store, it is very important to have a huge and very obvious element in the center of the store, so as to avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed or distracted by the customer. In addition, you can also create some small sub-centers that customers can dig in the store. Design them individually, so that customers have a special journey of discovery. However, it should be noted that the design of these central elements does not require too much, to ensure that customers still have space to move around. The methods commonly used to create paths in retail stores include color, lighting, and sensory design, which are mentioned in our recent articles:

” Christian Louboutin store by Household, Toronto – Canada “
Louboutin’s store in Toronto fully demonstrated the concept of center and sub-center design.

Make money flow

In addition to creating an attractive environment for retail stores, a good Feng Shui design will also play a role in promoting sales. We have discussed the importance of the front door above. The front door is like a “mouth of breath”, in other words, it is a place where energy flows in. Therefore, the cash register needs to be as close as possible to the main entrance. Another way to promote sales is to use “lucky corners”. The corner diagonal to the front door can perfectly display unique products, special offers, or the most profitable products in the store. Appropriate light and decorative plants can also spread the energy and grab consumers’ attention.

” Chevignon Corner at Galeries Lafayette by Stories, Paris – France “
Chevignon made good use of the lucky corner in the Galeries Lafayette store in Paris.
They placed the most expensive products in the store on the corner diagonal to the entrance of the main entrance.

In short, Feng Shui is about guiding the flow of energy. It is an ancient science and has been developed for thousands of years. Although some of the principles of Feng Shui are very complicated, we have explained the main points in a simple and easy-to-understand way: optimizing the design of the front entrance of the retail store, grabbing the attention of customers, creating paths, and appropriately using lucky corners. Having good Feng Shui is a long-term continuous process. Over time, you will learn how to create the best route for energy flow in the store. At the same time, you will feel that if the “qi” flows, wealth will flow with it.

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